Steve Switzer’s ’65 Panel Delivery

“Ghost” member of So. Cal Falcons

I’ve been a “Ghost” member of So. Cal Falcons for a few years now, maybe more. I thought it would be a good idea to have a Falcon I could drive to meetings before I became a real, active member of the club. So I bought a pretty sweet but ugly orange and brown little ’65 sedan delivery with a mildly built 289 & auto trans and joined the club. It ran strong enough but handled more like a Drunk Duck than a Flying Falcon. So, before I could make it to any club meetings I took it to Starlite Rod & Kustom to have a Mustang II front end installed. As I recall that was october of 2013. Mine is a story that makes grown men weep, ladies shreik, little boys cry, and gear heads everywhere just shake their heads in sympathy. But suffice it to say that, after too many headaches and heartaches, raided retirement accounts and college funds, I’m on the verge of coming to my first club meeting behind the wheel of…….The Mighty SurfBird!

Now running a 347 stroker hooked up to a TCI Street Warrior trans backed up by a 9” Ford rear end with 3:73 gears, she’s got some spunk, I’ll tell ya. And the subtle body mods, such as the shaved door handles and tailgate lock, along with removing the “Wind Wings” in favor of one-piece windows, give the sedan delivery a touch of modernity while the American Racing Torque Thrust wheels harken back to its mid-sixties muscle car lineage. The “SRF BIRD” moniker bestowed by the State of California on its license plate is a nod to my avocation of the last 50 years. Hector at Bill-Dunn Interiors in Huntington Beach is adding some surfing touches inside that are sure to please and amaze. This Falcon is the surf wagon I would’ve loved to have had as a kid and now my grandon’s sure going to enjoy it.