Richard Banz 1961 Ranchero

I have owned 3 Falcons in the 14 years I have been involved with SoCal Falcons.

My first car was a 1963 Futura Convertible owned from 2001 – 2004. 170 w/ Dagenhiem 4 speed, Rangoon Red with Black interior.

My second Falcon was the 1961 Falcon 4dr. Sedan w/Deluxe trim. 2004-2009. I drove this car over 1000 miles each way to Salem OR. in 2008 for the Pacific Regional. I was awarded longest distance driven trophy and Best Hard luck story, those seem to go hand in hand with each other.

My third Falcon was purchased from club member Erick Elsegood, a 1961 Ranchero from Sylmar CA (2010) was sold to me as a non-runner with the engine in the bed. Was off the road for 4 years gathering dust in Erick’s yard in Sylmar I called it a rescue not a purchase.

What I am working on this year and still finishing, is to give the truck a more stock look.

1) Changed from Magnum 500 wheels to Steel wheels that are powder coated with stock hubcaps (Early 2016)
2) Reinstated the Borgeson power steering system I pulled out last year by correctly adding a rag joint to isolate the vibration and noise from the inside of the car. (Sept 2016)
3) Pulled the C4 transmission in favor of a swap to a 4 speed manual top-loader transmission (3 sp. + O/D) Granada
4) Add whole clutch pedal assembly
5) Converted the clutch from manual linkage to Hydraulic (MDL) Modern Drive Line