Norm Huie’s 1965 Station Wagon

Norm Huie’s 1965 Falcon
2-door Station Wagon

This is one unusual Ford Falcon. There were 4,891 Two-door Wagons made in ’65. The 59A body style was the lowest line wagon available that year, and not actively marketed. Typically sold to salespeople at fleet prices, it was clearly a utilitarian vehicle with no thrills, no frills. With limited exterior color choices, a no option Palamino interior, and black mat, it was a plain-Jane entry level wagon.

Typically, this wagon would either have been special ordered, or found at the rear of the lot. Most were manufactured with the 6 cyl., manual 3-speed, with no additional options. Only 183 were still registered nationwide a decade ago when the car was purchased by its original owner, and I’m sure this figure has diminished since. Only a handful of these are V8 cars. Very, very few, if any, are optioned as this one. Factory V8 289, C4 automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, along with the courtesy group, which included back-up lights, padded dash, padded visors, underdash light, rear cargo light, ashtray light, and glove compartment light, make this car a one of a kind.

This wagon was intentionally restored nut and bolt to 99% factory presentation. Although a handful of performance additions were built into the restoration, its appearance is as though it were driven right off the Ford lot. As my son remarked when the restoration was complete in 2005, “Dad, it’s your first brand new, old car!”