Minutes Jan-09-2011

Minutes of 1/9/11 meeting of SoCal Falcons held at Burger Continental in Pasadena

1. Patrick Hall opened the meeting at 10:30 a.m. and asked for a reading of the minutes of the 11/7/10 regular meeting and a statement of the club’s finances. Stephen Tontz read the minutes and advised that the club had about $795 in its checking account.

2. The next item was a request by Patrick that club leaders communicate with each other more efficiently.

3. On Activities for 2011, Michael Jackson will come up with activities and set dates. A visit to the Jay Leno Car Collection is a likely near term event. Marilyn brought up a possible August activity which includes a train ride and dinner combination. This activity would be in Fillmore, California and be $47 per person. This activity will be on the club web page calendar.

4. Discussion about the 2011 Pacific Regional FCA Car show included the following points:

  • A check for $100 for our cost of insurance for the event was issued and will be forwarded to Regional Headquarters.
  • Patrick will e-mail Regional Headquarters about obtaining “seed” monies for getting the meet implemented.
  • The day of the meet in Bakersfield will be June 25, 2011 with a cruise the night before to Sonic Burger in Bakersfield.
  • Bob Beck will check into hotel/motel accommodations for us.
  • ¬†We need trophies and sponsors for items like the trophies. Cash sponsors are preferred but we will certainly take material donations. We also considered the possibility of plaques instead of trophies.
  • We need someone to work on advertising who has some experience in this area.
  • Bob Beck advised that he can get information about our club and the Regional meet onto several Internet sources.
  • Patrick will work on areas for selling parts. After discussion among members it was a consensus that those persons wishing to sell a few parts and donate to the SoCal Falcons treasury could do so. Others with many parts to sell could pay a $15 fee for a spot to sell the parts with the understanding that they are selling for their own profit and would not necessarily donate to the Club.
  • A meeting to continue the planning and organizing for the regional will be held Saturday 1/ 15/11 at 9:30 a.. at Patrick and Marilyn’s house in Simi Valley.

5. The next regular meeting of SoCal Falcons will be held 2/17/11 at 10:00 a.m. at Burger Continental. Minutes submitted 1/9/11 Steve Tontz Secretary/Treasurer SoCal Falcons