Minutes Feb-13-2011

This is to provide the minutes of the 2/13/11 meeting of SoCal Falcons held at Burger Continental in Pasadena.

1. The President Patrick Hall opened the meeing at 10:00 a.m. and asked for a financial report and review of the minutes of the previous meeting. The Secretary/Treasurer Steve Tontz reported that the club has $1052.01 in its checking account as of the beginning of the meeting before expenditures and revenue normally transacted at the meeting. At the meeting 3 persons paid $20 for club dues: $25 in raffle receipts was received and a check for $236.35 was issued to Patrick Hall for T-shirt purchases. The previous meetings minutes were briefly reviewed.

2, There was really no old business to discuss.

3. Michael Jackson discussed upcoming events as follows:

  • There will be a Mercury Cougar car show October 15, 2011 in which we may wish to participate.
  • A school benefit car show is scheduled for March 19, 2011 and we may wish to attend as a club event.
  • A restoration car clinic is planned for March 27, 2011 through the Mustang Owners Club. This will be one of our club events and a flyer was distributed describing details and
    sign up information.
  • Marilyn Hall advised members that the Filmore train ride/ dinner event won’t be pursued because the activity is scheduled for a Friday evening which makes it difficult for
    persons in Southern California to attend. This event was mentioned at the previous meeting as a possible August 2011 club activity.

4. The next major item was discussion about the June 25, 2011 Pacific Regional meet in Bakersfield. Several club members will carpool to Bakersfield on March 13, 2011 to meet with Marsha Simpson of the Central California Falcon Club about the continuing planning and implemention of the Regional. Steve Tontz will join the group to view the Double Tree hotel to finalize a proposed security plan for show cars. Marilyn advised that to date, she had garnered 4 sponsors for the Regional, Each sponsor paid $25.

5. The next item was discussion about the April 2011 Fabulous Fords show at Knott’s Berry Farm. The following are some items regarding this meet:

  • Patrick advised that club members were needed to stuff information bags on April 23, 2011 at10:00 a.m. This is the same activity as last year on the day before the show.
  • SoCal Falcons will have a booth at the show to be held Sunday April 24,2011. Advertsing banners for products for sale are not allowed for this show.
  • The club discussed having embroidered caps and shirts made up for the Fabulous Fords and we decided that we would have 12 bill caps and 12 long sleeve shirts made up with SoCal Falcons embroidery for sale. The cost to the club will be $9 per cap and $12 per shirt. These items will be for sale to club members and others for a higher amount to recoup costs and provide some profit for the club.

. .

Minutes submitted 2/13/11