Minutes April-9-2017

This is to provide the minutes of the April 9, 2017 meeting of SoCalFalcons. The meeting was held at Hill Street Cafe in Burbank.

1. Club President Patrick Hall opened the meeting after the meet and greet and breakfast.

2. Club Secretary Steve Tontz read the minutes of the February 11, 2017 meeting of SoCalFalcons.

3. Patrick provided the financial statement which shows current assets at $1016.90 in funds and $2628.00 in club inventory.

4. Under Old Business- There was some mention of a membership drive but no significant discussion.

5. Under New Business there was the following:

  • Patrick will have the small club cards reprinted. These are the cards that members carry to advertise the club to prospective members.
  • The June 11 meeting will be held at Johnny Carson Park and will include a bar-b-Que provided by the club. Club members attending will meet on  Riverside Dr. as we have in the past.
  • To date, Steve and Rich Banz will be attending the National Falcon Club of America meet in Sacramento. Those attending can see Rich about volunteering to help at the meet.
  • Edlebrock company will host a car show on May 7  in Torrance. To enter a car in the show, entrants must sign up with Edlebrock very soon.
  • Steve provided a briefing on our upcoming attendance at Fabulous Fords Forever and the bag stuffing which will be held the day before.
  • Patrick is working on a possible visit to Tim Allen’s car collection and also a possible one to Jay Leno’s collection
  • We need to try to contact the Falcon Club of America and get a correction to  the announcement of our club’s regular meeting time.
  • Patrick has stickers printed up of the new club logo. These will be for sale. Patrick is also considering having new T-shirts made up with the new logo printed on them.

6. We held the raffle with Rich winning the 50/50 prize of $20.

7. The next regular meeting will be held at Johnny Carson Park on June 11.

Minutes submitted April 9, 2017