Jack Lanning’s 1963 Falcon Sports Convertible

My second great automotive love, young Charlotte Ford. First was early ’50s Packard, the Builtwel

I’ve owned it since 1978 and don’t have a car like pictured gear heads with their finely maintained Fords. Car was garage Deitzler Acrylic painted in Sunland 1978 or 1979.

This car is best on vacation roads off the map. 99 west, just east of Interstate 5 is Sunest Way from Bay Area to Red Bluff.

Best pix of Charlotte is 25 years ago, trim missing, but on correct size/height bias ply Coker tires and correct front end height. Rear end’s height courtesy J.C Whitney. With the bias ply tires the car really was something else, down from Mt. Washington on the 110 into So. Pas. Sprightly on that curve south of the York Street bridge.