Found my Ranchero in February 2016 after searching for over a year.

Finding the right Ranchero took me quite a while. After searching craigslist, ebay and everyplace online I saw this red ’65 in Oceanside. I had seen it before but the price was more than I could afford. The owner who was getting desperate to sell had reduced his price $3000 since I had seen it 6 months before. I was a little concerned on why it hadn’t sold in that time, but was happy with what I saw when I went down to look at it. It’s definitely not a show car, but it looks good and drives smooth and has a 302 under the hood so it doesn’t lack for power. Since I purchased it, I have been slowly making upgrades. I’ve fixed the wiring and added LED lights to the dash. I own a graphics company so I made new gauges faces for the speedo and tach. I stripped off the red paint from the Vin plate and re-printed it so now it looks factory fresh. I changed the old worn out plates to freshly refurbished YOM black/yellow plates. The biggest mechanical thing I’ve done so far was to install a set of Doug’s headers. The stock manifolds were cracked and leaking really bad. I have a lot of plans for upgrades, that’s half the fun.

302 V8 with a C4 automatic transmission.