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Trophy Catagories

First Place Award for ★ Catagories
▲ Special Falcon Award Catagories
First Place and Class Winner for all other categories unless
fewer than 5 cars, then only First Place.

Catagories Voted by Show Attendees

  Best in Show
  Peoples Choice
  Ladies Choice
  Best Preserved/Survivor
  Best Rat Rod (any year)
  Best Lowrider (any year)
  Most Unique (any year)
  Best Race Car (any year)


Catagories Voted by Show Judges


  Best Falcon/Comet 60-63 1/2
  Best Ranchero 60-63 1/2
  Best Falcon/Comet 64-65
  Best Ranchero 64-65
  Best Falcon 66-Later
  Best AMC Pre ‘80
  Best Chevy Pre ‘80
  Best Ford Pre ‘80
  Best Mopar Pre ‘80
  Best Work In Progress Pre ‘80
  Best Truck Pre ‘80
  Best Other Manufacturer Pre’ 80
  (e.g. Studebaker, DeSoto, Packard)
  Best Specialty/Utility Pre ‘80
  (e.g. Helms Bakery Truck, Milk Truck)
  Best Air-Cooled Vehicle (any year)

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